Intelligent Air Barrier with Hydrosafe™ technology
INTELLO® PLUS is an intelligent air barrier for all construction types, providing energy and moisture control. INTELLO® PLUS maximises the performance of thermal insulation, whilst restricting internal moisture entering the building envelope. INTELLO® PLUS utilises Hydrosafe™ technology, that protects against structural damage and mould, even in the event of unexpected moisture intrusion.

INTELLO® PLUS is the main component of a family of products that work together to create healthy, comfortable and durable buildings. This intelligent, reinforced membrane is laid as a continuous layer in the interior of buildings, over the insulation and under the lining of walls and roofs. INTELLO® PLUS acts as a vapour control layer, reacting to the relative humidity of the air around it to provide maximum protection against moisture damage. It is also an airtightness barrier that reduces unwanted air infiltration through the building envelope, resulting in warmer and drier buildings all year round.

INTELLO® PLUS can change its permeability and molecular structure in response to the conditions around it. In winter, when indoor temperature and humidity are higher than those outside, the membrane’s molecules are closed, reducing its permeability. This prevents moisture from penetrating into the insulation, and as a consequence, protects the building against condensation. During summer, when outdoor air is warmer and more humid, the molecules open and the membrane becomes up to 100 times more permeable to allow moisture accumulated within the wall cavity to flow into the interior of the building. Through this action, moisture evaporates and the structure is able to dry out.

The INTELLO® PLUS membrane becomes less porous in the winter to prevent condensation in the building envelope and more porous in summer to allow air through and the structure to dry out.

What are the benefits of using INTELLO® PLUS?

Because of this intelligent response to the conditions around it, the INTELLO® PLUS membrane minimises the risk of moisture accumulation in walls and roofs that could lead to mould growth, structural damage and reduced thermal performance. By keeping these elements dry, INTELLO® PLUS increases their durability, and ensures they continue to perform optimally through time. 

As a vapour control layer and airtightness membrane, INTELLO® PLUS is an essential component of a healthy building. It prevents the development of mould and mildew in the construction, and eliminates contamination of the indoor air. The result is a draught-free and low-allergen environment that is warm in winter and cool in summer. Because of these properties, INTELLO® PLUS carries the Sensitive Choice® seal of approval from the Asthma and Respiration Foundation of New Zealand, which helps consumers to identify products and services that benefit people with asthma and allergies.

Furthermore, when used together with the other components of pro clima’s Intelligent Airtightness System (IAS) and as part of a quality construction process, INTELLO® PLUS can reduce unwanted air flow through the building. This minimises the reliance on mechanical systems to keep a comfortable indoor environment and contributes to energy savings throughout the building's lifetime.

INTELLO® PLUS is 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecycle, is a Certified Passive House Component, and is a Red List Free product with a Declare label as certified by the International Living Future Institute.

INTELLO® PLUS and Camp Glenorchy Eco Retreat

INTELLO PLUS installation in Camp Glenorchy's cabins
INTELLO® PLUS is installed as a continuous layer between the timber frame and the lining of Camp Glenorchy's walls and roofs, protecting the buildings from condensation and draughts.

The two main goals for the construction of Camp Glenorchy Eco Retreat were achieving Zero Energy and ensuring visitors were comfortable and healthy year round. Finding a balance between these two, seemingly opposing aspirations, required high-performing buildings that would be able to retain the winter’s warmth inside and prevent unwanted airflow. 

The need for a vapour check such as INTELLO® PLUS was identified early in the design process by the thermal modelling team as a key element to reduce internal moisture, especially for the roof of cabins and bunkhuts. The chosen solution combines two different wall-construction systems that work together to create super-insulated external walls and skillion roofs. INTELLO® PLUS membranes are installed between the internal 90mm timber frame and the plywood lining of all the accommodation buildings on site, as well as on the larger community buildings that hold amenities and shared spaces.

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