A fortnight of energy innovation at Sust

Maria Garcia
August 10, 2020

Two profiles have been launched on Sust over the last fortnight, one for Shay Brazier, a renewable energy consultant, and one for KNX, an automation language for which Shay’s company Revolve Energy is an integrator. 

KNX is a central component in the control and monitoring systems designed by Revolve Energy, which have been implemented in projects with varying scopes and scales across New Zealand. Its simplicity offers flexibility and allows for highly integrated systems that are responsive to changing internal and external conditions.

Shay’s work with Camp Glenorchy Eco Retreat won this innovative accommodation site the KNX New Zealand’s award for ‘Best NZ Commercial KNX project 2018’. There are 415 KNX devices installed throughout the project that are used to control and monitor systems, such as heating, blinds, lighting and water management. The wider control and monitoring solution integrates with nearly all systems on site, including the booking software, and is central to Camp Glenorchy’s aspiration of achieving the goal of Zero Energy. 

After Camp Glenorchy’s opening in the autumn of 2018, Shay has continued working with the operations team on the optimisation of the energy management system. In 2019, following the installation of a battery storage system, he became part of a cross-disciplinary team aiming to implement a fully integrated energy generation and management solution for the site - a team which brought together Camp Glenorchy staff, consultants, the suppliers of the solar system and power distribution companies. 

A first for New Zealand, the innovative energy solution allows the project to manage four energy sources on site: solar, batteries, a backup generator and the grid. It also allows Camp Glenorchy and its sister businesses, which are on two adjacent properties, to be behind a single energy meter. This effectively creates an independent micro-grid that serves 14 buildings and manages electricity demand and supply in a way that positively impacts the neighbouring community. Capable of relying on its solar panels and batteries for extended periods of time, the site is freeing up Glenorchy’s vulnerable grid during peak times, drawing power from it only during low-demand hours at lower prices. To further support the community, Camp Glenorchy is working on a trial with Aurora, the network supplier for Dunedin and Central Otago, to supply excess energy to the grid during power outages or times of peak demand.

Because of this work on Camp Glenorchy’s integrated energy generation and management solution, Revolve Energy - along with Vector Powersmart (the company that supplied Camp Glenorchy’s PV array and battery system)- was named the winner of the ‘Dave Keppel Innovation Award 2019’ in last year’s SEANZ Fronius New Zealand Sustainable Energy Industry Awards.

Shay Brazier (centre) at the SEANZ Fronius New Zealand Sustainable Energy Industry Awards 2019. Photo: Sustainable Energy Association New Zealand- SEANZ

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