About Sust.

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Our Mission

Inspire and empower people to create a sustainable built environment.

Sust exists to inspire people to create sustainable buildings, and then empower them with lessons learned from leading-edge projects and connections to people who can help them achieve their goals.

We believe enabling this next generation of projects to realise their sustainability vision is key to accelerating the adoption of sustainability principles in society as a whole. Sust ultimately exists to help create a built environment sensitive to the needs of both today’s and future generations.

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Years in the making.

The idea for Sust emerged from the communication campaign for New Zealand’s first zero energy building, the Zero Energy House. Following the project over two years, the campaign told the story of one couple’s experience building a truly extraordinary home in an average Auckland suburb using architects and builders with no previous experience in sustainability.

The campaign connected with over 100,000 people interested in creating sustainable buildings, but unsure how. And it demonstrated to the project team, suppliers, and Council the value in having a strong platform with which to tell a project story.

Sust is built on learnings from the Zero Energy House campaign, campaigns for a range of other sustainable building projects, and conversations with hundreds of clients and project team members about the challenges  faced in achieving their sustainability goals.

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Pioneering sustainability communicators.

Sust is led by Matt Fordham who for the past five years has been developing and honing communication strategies and campaigns for sustainable building projects. He has also been involved in delivering key information systems for sustainable buildings, working alongside project design, build and operation teams.

Maria Garcia has played a key role in crafting communication content for many of those projects and, with a Masters in Sustainable Architecture, understands deeply the challenges and opportunities faced by projects seeking sustainability outcomes.

Sust is a window onto a small but passionate community of projects and people who are taking New Zealand’s first bold steps towards sustainable construction, and we are dedicated to supporting this inspiring community to grow at pace in the coming years.


We're just getting started.

Our long-term vision for Sust goes a long way beyond what you see on the website today.

We have a long list of ideas - new content, functionality and services - that we believe will make it easier for people to achieve sustainability in their buildings.

Over the second half of 2019 we will be crafting that list into a roadmap for Sust - based on feedback from our community of what they need most. If you'd like to provide feedback, you can do so here.

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Reach out to learn more. We'd love to hear from you.

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